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At Family History Reports we delve deep into the world of your ancestors to produce comprehensive reports that show what they did, where they lived and what all the information available tells us about the kind of people they were.

We ask for Stage Payments (see below) based on the results you have seen.

We also do one off quick searches for information, when you may be stuck.



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1. If results are available. Occasionally one or more lines of enquiry result in little success; If this is significant (10% or more of the maximum) then we will contact you and reduce the charge.


2. We can usually go back to the late 1700’s in most cases, very often, much further.


3. Usually showing age, occupation, birth location, Spouse and Siblings.


4. Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death) cost us £9.25 each, we include a fixed number in each package. We will discuss with you which ones we think are most appropriate (eg a death certificate of an ancestor that died young). If any more are required we will charge them at cost plus 25p (£9.50), after agreeing this with you.


5. Number of generations researched is calculated from the person we start with, so if you are the start person (generation 1), generation 2 is your parents, generation 3 is your grand parents and so on. 7 generations will therefore have a maximum number of individuals (including the start person) of 127 (1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64)


6. If you choose to move to the next package at any time after placing the order (indeed up to 20 years after!) you will only be asked to pay the extra amount. (e.g. If you have bought the bronze package and some time later want to add to the research by choosing the silver package – you only pay the extra £120). This is also transferable to anyone you choose!


7. We will contact (either by phone, email or post) any family members you suggest may have any relevant information, we will scan into the report any photographs or important documents they make available to us.


8. We will do an online investigation into other genealogical research that may already have been done into your chosen ancestors.


9. Whichever package you choose, all we want to start us off is a £45 deposit. We will do some initial work and show you the results before asking for a stage 1 payment (see above), then further on a stage 2 payment following further results. When we are ready to send the final report, you can make the final payment. At each stage, you are in control and only pay us when you are happy.




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We undertake ancestry research, family history investigations and genealogical surveys. Providing family tree reports and genealogy gifts & presents. We study the story of your ancestors & forebears, your lineage & pedigree.